I ran my first 100K on August 29. The race started in Naples, NY and ended in Hammondsport. I woke up at 2:30 am and caught a bus to the 5 am start. From there, it was 12 hours of stunning trails and a 3rd place finish. I bonked hard at mile 40 or so, but regained my strength and finished strong. There was some 10k ft of vert gain and a total distance of 64.5 miles. Highlights included creeks, lakes, vistas, and running through a corn field. Actually, the corn field was pretty painful, but cool anyway. The race direction was flawless and the volunteers were amazing. My initial strategy was to tag along Daven Oskvig (first place) as best I could, but from the fast start, I knew I could not maintain that sort of pace. I held second for a while until a little over halfway into the race. I ran a few miles with Scotie Jacobs until I bonked hard. I recovered and made decent time until, somewhere around mile 57, I spotted the fourth place runner and got scared. The next section was smooth downhill, my speciality, and I booked it at 8:00-minute mile pace, skipping the last aid station and rallying to a third-place finish by 15 minute. I loved the race and am stoked to run more 100Ks (and 100Ms). Unfortunately, the next two nights I could not sleep. Maybe the stress on my body kept my hormones out of wack, but I didn't get a good night's sleep until Monday night and was sleepy all of Monday. I have to get some speed going for October's North Face Endurance 50M in Wisconsin, so my big focus is rest before I can start lifting and running fast. My sister and I had a good, but exhausted, tour of Cornell on Monday morning. The school is remarkably beautiful and surrounded by hills and trails.


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